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Title: Forever
Fandom: Maximum Ride
Pairing: Max/Dylan
Rating: T
Word Count: Uhhhh...... I have no idea.
Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride but it'd be fun if I did :)
Summary: Dylan comforts Max after Fang leaves.

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Considering that it's really an "anything goes" sort of meme--including gen, regular prompts, etc.--it seems like too good an opportunity to pass up.
Title: Children's Games, Adult Ideals
Fandom: Maximum Ride
Rating: PG ('cause Fang = Angst)
Word Count: 505
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: MAJOR SPOILERS for "Angel", Fang mourns, but not with the Flock.

I prefer the term 'Avian-American', thank you...
By the way, yeah, sorry the journal layout is so bad (I mean, God, pink for MR!) but I couldn't find anything much better. If you know something that might fit for this God, tell me! I soooo wanna fix this.


PS: Oh, dear God, today was my lil bro's b-day party. Uggggh I'm so sore!

Chapter One

   I was exhausted, bloody, dirty and sore, and yet I kept trudging on. I was vaguely aware of being somewhere in a forest in Arizona, heading west. It was waaaay past midnight, yet I had to keep going. The freaky robots from The School couldn't be far behind, waiting for a chance to capture me. Yeah, like I was ever gonna just let them drag me off there. I'd had enough studying done on me to last a lifetime, thank you very much.
   If i could only get to a darn clearing! Then I might be able to-
 My frantic thoughts were rather rudely interrupted by a small lead bullet wizzing just above my shoulder. Damn those robots! I thought they wanted to drag me to Hell, not kill me!
  "Aaaaagh!" I screamed. One of the bullets had hit me, yet I was so sore I couldn't really tell where. It hurt everywhere. Suddenly I tumbled forwards into a small clearing, where there was a house in the middle.
         A house with lights on.
  I knew I had to get the hell out of there, since there was no way someone in that house could help me, but how? The clearing wasn't big enough, and even if it was, I was too sore too escape, and if I took my chances with humans (not a very smart thing to do in any case) they would get hurt whether they decided to help me or not.
      So, in short, if this wasn't a no-win situation then I don't know what the heck is.
   I realized the Gobots were getting closer, their guns pointed at my arms, legs, shoulders, basically anything they could shoot that would weaken me but not kill me - well, not quite, anyway. Way i saw it, I had two options: Take my chances and burst into that house or keep trying to escape. Neither of them were very hopeful. I was still pondering what to do while dodging those damn bullets and lasers when the front door of the house flew open and six kids that I recognized easily came out.
                It was Maximum Ride and her family, the Flock.
   After that everything went by in a blur of movement and color. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman and Angel leapt into action immediatly as soon as they noticed their old pals the Gobots were dropping in for a visit. Max was easily taking on two; Iggy and Fang were ganging up on two more, blasting them easily with Iggy's explosives (I never really got how he can make and use them, but God knows he can); Nudge, the Gasman and Angel were also teaming up to get rid of the rest. It was over quite quickly, since the Gobots were outnumbered one short and they were hugely outmanuvered; apperently they went downhill after the batch that first caught the Flock in Antartica four months before. But even though it was quickly finished, the last Gobot still managed to get my back with his last bullet before Fang, Iggy and Max took him down. i shrieked in pain - my back already hurt enough from all the other damage it had dealt with. Before I knew what I was doing, I was down on all fours whimpering in pain like some pathetic moron. The Flock, their dog Total, Max's mom Dr. Martinez, Ella Martinez and Jeb Batchelder the Ex-Whitecoat were all looking down on me. Most of the Flock was suspicious, but Dr. Martinez, her daughter and Jeb seeming kind of concerned. Well, that's something, right?
   "Who are you? Where are you from?" said Max in a serious no-nonsense tone. Yeah, like I could really answer that. I couldn't even stand, for crying out loud.
   "Max, take it easy," Angel's voice sounded very faint. Maybe the fight had made her weak. Or maybe I was just losing consiousness. Not good.
   "Take it easy?! We were just attacked by Gobots! Again! And we have no freaking idea who this girl is or why she's here! How am I supposed to be calm?!"
  "She doesn't mean us any harm. She's exhausted, Max, and the Gobots were after her, not us. She escaped...from where, though, I don't know. She doesn't seem to wanna think about it..."
  I tried to talk at least a bit, but failed miserably and uttered nothing more than a low moan. Hmm, if Angel was reading my mind, though...
  "Wait...I-I think she's from the School," she said. Oh, God, finally. What, do you need ID or something? Sheesh.
  "The School? But-but wasn't it destroyed? Like, from that bomb Gazzy and Iggy detonated? Since it blew the whole place up I would've thought-"
  "Nudge, that was Itex, remember?" said Fang. He was looking at me with a very suspicious expression on his face, and so was Max, despite all of Angel's reassurance. Wow, they're even more paranoid than I am. Well, that sure makes a nice change.
   "So, do you have a name, or what?" Oh, great, so now it's Iggy's turn to look at me funny. I would think these guys would understand at least a bit how much I loathed being looked at like I was some kind of bug.
   "I...no, actually, I-I don't," I managed to say before my back started to kill me again. Dr. Matinez noticed my wince and quick glance to my blood stained back, then kneeled down and carefully touched my back. She was really, really gentle, and yet still I let loose a bloodcurdling shriek of pain. She rubbed her cool hands against my arms to try and calm me down, murmuring sympathetically while my scream reduced to barely concealed sobs. I hated myself for acting like such an idiot in front of them all. Sure, it hurt, but was it really that serious?
   Oh, my God, yes, yes, yes! My back hurt so much it felt like I was being put inside a shredder. Dr. Martinez was now carefully running her fingers over my back when she froze. She ran her hand a bit more firmly, tracing over my-
  "Max," she whispered, "she-she's got a wing. Just a bit smaller than yours, I think. Do you think you could strech them fully so we can see them?" she asked me, her voice practically dripping honey. I pulled away from her hand ever so slightly, hesitating.
      Then I unfurled my wings slowly to their full lenght, twelve feet across from tip to tip.
  I heard numerous gasps from mostly everyone, maybe even a small one from Max. I thought it must be from discovering another avian-hybrid, but apperently it was more because of the big hole near the edge of my left wing caused by the first bullet that hit me. The one that hit me later had damaged my back just between my wings. Lucky me. No wonder it hurt like hell in there.
   They were all starting to lean over me, cutting the already meager view of the dark black sky. I was getting more and more clausterphobic, another thing they ought to understand, when everything started to get woozy and blurry. My wings fluttered instinctively yet uselessly while they realized I needed air and backed away slowly.
     After that another wave of pain broke through and everything went comepletly still.

   Like it? That was my first chapter. I'm sorry that not much got explained, but it will next time. Just keep reading and please comment.
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Hey there! Welcome to Maximum Ride FanFiction. This community was created so people could post their stories here and other people could see them. I have a story myself, which I shall post as soon as I have a bit more time. I hope you all enjoy this community! Remember: anything you post has to be suitable for teenagers at the least. NO adult material. NO exceptions. Otherwise you're out, buddy.

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